That just about sums up an analysis of Barnstaple’s performance against Bury St. Edmunds. There was high expectations for this game but within 10 minutes a succession of penalties just handed momentum to Bury who took full advantage scoring 2 tries and leading 10-0. Already behind The Chiefs never got any rhythm, now chasing the game when they should have been more patient. And that really summed up most of the match, Barnstaple never adjusted to the refereeing and committed too many penalties. This in turn put more pressure on them culminating in too many dropped passes, missed tackles and having the ball ripped from their grasp all too easily. By half time Bury had already scored their bonus point 4th try.

2017-09-23 Chiefs v Bury_15
Kyle Speare on his way to his first of a brace of tries

There were some bright moments with 2 excellent tries scored by Kyle Speare who is proving a powerhouse on the wing, able to break tackles on a regular basis. But every time our supporters had hope an error would allow Bury to stretch the lead. Only during the last quarter did The Chiefs get a grip, gradually starting to build and apply pressure on the opposition. A try by Nat Bayet under the posts gave hope and following a series of phases Barnstaple started to look much better, but chasing the game for that elusive 4th try meant the error was always going to come and eventually Bury St Edmunds ran out winners 24-39 scoring 7 tries.

So a lot of questions for the Chiefs to answer and they better hurry up with some responses because this could become a long season. They have the talent to be at least mid table they just need the belief and with it a lot more composure.

Barnstaple Athletic also suffered a nasty defeat as they were beaten 49-24 at Ivybridge, which has now dropped them to 9th place.



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